• Image of Pumpkin & Charcoal Facial Cold Process Soap

After a year and a half in the making! These pumpkin puree and charcoal bars are great for everyday cleansing. Scented with tea tree and lemongrass essential oils, these have been the best labor of love to date.
*Note: These will stain a light-colored wash cloth, but not you or your tub!

4-5 oz. bars

All of our cold process soap oils and butters are blended by hand in small batches with a recipe that I have crafted over many years. No two bars are alike in design, but all bars contain the same skin-loving oils, butters, and additives that produce a lovely addition to your daily showering rituals. As with all soap, keeping the bar raised on a dish without water and allowing it to air dry between uses will result in a longer-lasting bar. This is especially true with this bar. Let it completely air dry in between uses.

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