• Image of Emulsified Sugar Scrub
  • Image of Emulsified Sugar Scrub

For those whose skin needs a good scouring, our emulsified sugar scrubs are the ticket. Thoughtfully whipped in small batches, our sugar scrubs leave your skin soft and supple, often enough to moisturize without added lotion. Made with an array of butters and oils, each of the 6 scents has a specialized formulation and is tailored to that fragrance. Available unscented for those sensitive to scent.

Contains 4.5 oz. and filled by weight.

*Buy 3 for $20*

Descriptions of 6 signature scents:

Levitation: A light blend of sweet honey and French vanilla, with a touch of hawthorn and warm almonds

Hedge: The strange yet spicy union of Valencia oranges, neroli, tangerines, and chili peppers

The Familiar: The comforting, trustful aroma of sweet vanilla beans

The Crone: The sincere and earthly aroma of patchouli

Astrid: A floral convergence of gardenia and jasmine

Besom: The abundant presence of lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, and greenery

*SEASONAL: The Thinning Veil: A seasonal staple, the buttery sweet smell of pumpkin with a slight incense spice.